FRP 3D Wall Panels

Can I use it for the inside of my food trailer?

Yes. it could be used for food trailer. The wall panel can withstand high temperatures about 150 degrees Celsius.

Our exterior bathroom wall needed to be removed and repaired, can this be used in place of vinyl siding?

Could be installed with nails (in the package) or glued with structural glue.

Can this be used for above ground pool walls?

No, it would disintegrate.The material is water resistance. But the coating can not deep in water for so long time.

Can this be used instead of sheetrock? Can you attach directly to studs?

Yes. I believe you can. Be careful how deep you drill, so you don’t bow the panel.

Can be used for fireplace decoration? It is a flammable/combustible material?

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Can you drill into it and put up a shelf on the surface of it?

You would want to drill through it into something structural such as a stud unless the shelf is very light weight.

What are these made of and do they provide sound reduction if installed?

They may reduce some noise. They are made of fiberglass which is an insulating material. I would suggest a sound barrier behind them. Depends, on where they would be used, I suppose.

How to cut it to adjust wall size and How do you apply this to the wall?Is it hard as the real bricks?

You must cut it by toothless saw (people use this saw to cut ceramic normally). During cuting put water on the cut area can reduce the dust pollution. We strongly suggest you use Anchor Bolt to fix panels on the wall for safety, We delivery it in the box together with the panels. Yes, It is hard like the real brick, this quite different with PU foam one.

Can this be used to attach to outdoor slump stone wall w/ lanter beds on either side? Current Stucco in constant need of repair due to moisture.

It is possible. This product is waterproof and not afraid of water.

This can be used on exterior?

Yes. We have anti UV paint on it. It is water resistance. So you can put it outside.