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Welcome to The Dryinsta Wall Panel System
DryInsta is a blend of vintage and innovation, traditional handwork and trendy ideas. Our latest generation of technology provides practical and easy to use products that are visually perfect and easy to install, creating exceptional environments in incredible places. The panels, vaults, arches and angles we design provide a personal and unique touch in a traditional or innovative space.
The Dryinsta wallboard range provides a practical and economical solution for applications that need to build or cover site walls and ceilings. About 5.5 kg per square metre, easy to carry and attach to any surface finish. And health and environmental protection is better than cheap plastic materials. The system has a variety of styles and colors to choose from, and you can also DIY graphic text and other ideas. Fast and worldwide delivery, durable quality and ex factory price, Dryinsta wallboard is your smart choice!

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