DryInsta® Faux Panels in Guangzhou Fair Performance

DryInsta® Faux Panels in Guangzhou Fair Performance

In March 2019, DryInsta teamed up with Wesome to participate in the Guangzhou Furniture Fair. This is China's largest furniture fair, gathering the top furniture manufacturers in the country and merchants from all over the world. We provided booth layout for Wesome.

Faux Brick Panel ready to delivey to Guangzhou

Wesome is the largest office furniture manufacturer in China. How to make office furniture highlight the concept of industrial wind in the exhibition is a problem that Wesome Chen always needs to consider. When the designer recommended the 3D wall of DryInsta to Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen made a bright impression and decided to use this material to decorate the booth on the spot.

From the decision to use the DryInsta decorative board to the beginning of the exhibition, there are only less than 10 days left. From the perspective of the number of molds, we decided to use the New London brick. Our workers worked overtime for three nights before completing the 150 square meters supply of this booth. The biggest problem with producing this 3D Wall Panels is coloring. Because we use hand coloring, this greatly affects our progress. Coloring is not a process that can be done at night, because the lights in the evening make it impossible for engineers to pinpoint color matching problems. Therefore, color problems can only be made during the day. When the decorative board arrived in Guangzhou, because of the logistics problem, when the decorative board entered the exhibition hall, we only had one day of installation time! This is an impossible amount of work! 150 square meters of decorative panels, no matter how many workers can not complete the installation.

Workers are installing the faux brick panels, thanks a lot guys!

After a night of overtime, we completed 90% of the work. The rest of the repairing gap process, our engineers decided to use gypsum powder. Because this project does not need to exist for a long time, as long as it can guarantee that it will not crack during the exhibition, it means that the work is perfect. In normal home installations, it is not possible to use gypsum to make up the seams. The putty must be used to make up the seams so that the gap will not crack.

The gaps need to cover otherwise the faux brick wall looks very urgly

It turns out that using gypsum powder to repair the gap is the right decision. We did this for the first time. The workers completed the construction with the fastest speed. Of course, depending on the skill level of the workers, the workers are the first to do this kind of goods, and some gaps are not very good. But for the entire exhibition, this is already a very good level.

On March 29th, the exhibition officially began!

After a night of intense work, the installation of this wall was finally completed. When the engineer came to the booth, he was still not at ease. When he saw that the patched gap was intact in front of an endless audience, his heart was finally relieved.

3D wall panels installation proceed.

Installation, so lucky we do not need any glue and cement, we need the screw only, this make the installation very quickly

It is so good with this wall panels during installation period we don’t need any glue, cement, water etc. Just one screw driver and screw could be finish the fixing of the faux brick panels. This is also one of the most notable features of the decorative panel. The installation process is very simple and requires only screws (wood walls) or expansion bolts (cement walls) to be fixed. Then use our matching Mastic to cover the exposed screw cap. Of course, the final application of water-based paint in order to cover the screw cap perfectly.

FRP faux brick panels enjoy your atmosphere 

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